A Travel Agency Made Our Trip of a Lifetime Possible

It was the trip of a lifetime. After being with my girlfriend for nearly 10 years we had decided to get married. We always promised each other that we wouldn’t take the plunge until we had enough money to afford the trip of our dreams for a honeymoon. Because we had been Passover vacations together for so long, and it took a decade to feel financially strong, it would be one long, memorable, fabulous vacation. After a month in Africa, seeing animals in their natural environment and learning about the culture and history of the native people, we would finally, after years of urging from friends and parents, start a family.

While we always had a vision of the trip, we never really mapped it out. As we began to do so, we realized that Africa is huge and expensive. At a dinner with friends one night it was recommended that we use a travel agency that they had success with for a trip to Europe. I suggested that I wasn’t so sure I wanted someone else planning my vacation. Nonetheless, I contacted the travel agency and boy am I glad that I did.

Not only did they have knowledge that I didn’t, but the travel agency had relationships with airlines, hotels, and tour companies. I was getting quoted prices twice, three times, and even five times the cost that they were. At one point I mentioned a hotel that I had read good things about, and 30 minutes later our representative called back and said it was booked and that they would include a welcome champagne lunch for half the price that I could get the room. In another instance I asked about a hot air balloon ride that I had seen online. The travel agency knew that the company I had seen profiled did not have a good reputation, and suggested another company that they had used before and been satisfied with. They were able to book that experience for about 65 percent of the cost I had seen for the other company.

My plan involved switching planes with various airlines to get to Kenya. The travel agency got us directly to South Africa. From Robben Island to the Serengeti, from street food to five star meals, from cars to vans and planes trains and buses, we saw every animal known to man. Our tour guides were incredibly knowledgeable and generous. The accommodations were both luxurious and gave us a true feel for the natives, the countryside, and the cities.

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